Up For It?


Here are a selection of projects I have worked on:

phd image

PhD Project

PhD project ‘participatory processes with young people: an exploration of sexual consent’ co funded by Brook and the University of Sussex Centre for innovation and research in childhood and youth.

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Young People's Video Project

Participatory video project supported by funding from the '02 Think Bigger' fund.

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Sex, gender and relationships sessions for UWCGB

I have provided bespoke workshops for Unite worlds colleges Great Britain orientation. This event is to support and prepare young people aged 15-17 to attend colleges in different countries. These sessions are designed to give young people some new information and ways of thinking about gender, sex and relationships while they are living in multicultural communicates away from home.

Circy image

Tricylce, Brook and CIRCY

Here I worked alongside colleagues at Brook and Sussex Centre for Innovation and Research in Childhood and Youth to support Tricycle youth theatre company to use historic, and contemporary research to inform the development of their production on what young people think about sex.