Up For It?

Sex and Consent: What Young People Think

This video is the outcome of group work with over 30 young people aged 13-25 and has tried to incorporate the ideas of everyone involved, not just those that you see in the film. It’s the product of 6 months of collaboration, participatory activities and discussion groups.

The young people in this film are between 13 and 18 years of age and have given permission for their footage to be used as part of an educational resource for other young people to think more critically about consent and how we enact it. The project has been a learning experience for all of us involved. I learnt all about film making, and lots about what young people know and think about consent, sex and relationships. James our amazing and patient film maker learnt a lot about what young people thought too, but also about how to work with younger film participants. The young people involved learnt a lot about consent, (which in some cases they hadn’t heard about before), film making and other aspects of sexual health.

I really enjoyed working with everyone. It was a privilege to find out what different people think about consent and also to find out what they think is important for other young people to know. I hope that our learning can encourage others to think more about what consent means to them and how we can give and get it. we do not expect this to be taken as fact, or to be representative of what all young people think about consent but we hope that you find the film thought-provoking and that it can start some interesting discussions.

This film is aimed at young people aged 13-16 but we hope it’s relevant to other people too. We have some ideas about how you might use it to start a group discussion. If you have any feedback or want to tell us how your discussion went please get in touch.

Workshop Idea

One way that we have used this video to encourage discussion has been to show it in small chunks rather than all at once. So after each question has been answered by the young people in the video you can pause it and see how your group responds to what those in the film have said. This can be a short session where you have 5 minute discussion on each question which would take around 35 minutes. Or you can give more time to each question.

A workshop outline and other ideas are downloadable from the resources page.

We would not have been able to make this film or run the workshops we delivered without funding from O2 think big.