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About Me

My name is Elsie and I’m in the process of doing a PhD about sexual consent and youth participation in setting agendas for sex education. I’m a youth worker, and youth researcher who loves teaching and talking to people about sex, relationships and consent. I’ve done lots of work with young people between the ages of 11 and 25, in all kinds of settings.

This website brings together my experiences of learning from and teaching young people about sexual consent and all the things that come along side it.

Often, even though you may have had a lesson or two on these things, they might not make sense, or have an impact until you’re learning in practice. This was certainly my experience.

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Most of my work involves a combination of research, youth work and education, often all three at once. Although each of these categories can be seen as separate projects that might have different aims and outcomes, I think that they can and do overlap and can complement each other. Any work that I do with young people is always grounded in an approach that values and encourages participation, group conversation and collaborative learning.